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Don't Just Start a Blog. Start a Successful Blog!

Hi and welcome to! My name is Badi Jones, and I have been making websites since 1998. Over the years, I have created several successful websites, blogs, and tools. One of the things I am most passionate about is helping others do the same. This passion to teach and inspire others was what drove me to create

A lot of "How to start a blog" tutorials these days seem to be solely focused on getting you to purchase a domain name and hosting as quickly as possible (so they get paid). Don't get me wrong. I like earning commissions from hosting referrals too, but I feel that rushing people through the process is just wrong.

I have made a decision to focus on the topics that are most essential for your success. Because the simple truth is, getting a blog online is easy. Building a successfull online business, however, takes careful preparation and planning.

As I said, I've created several successful sites and blogs, but i've created a lot more unsuccessfull ones. Each experience has been beneficial though, and hopefully, the experiences I've had will help you to avoid a lot of common mistakes that in many cases can destroy any chance for your success.

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Blogging: The Basics

First things first, lets answer some common questions about blogging and blogs. (Feel free to scroll down if you already know the basics).

What is a Blog?

The term “weblog” was coined back in 1997. Back then, a blog was a lot like an online journal or diary. Blog entries were in chronological order, where the newest blog post was always at the top. Blogs have since become extremely popular, and are now used for a lot more than just journals.

What’s the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

Nothing. A blog is a website. It’s actually a specific kind of site, called a Content Management System (CMS for short). There are several popular content management systems used today, but in this tutorial, we will be focusing on the WordPress Content Management System. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. All you need to know is that a blog is just a website, and from here on out, consider the two words to be interchangeable.

How much does a Blog cost?

There are free blogs that don’t cost anything. We will cover Free blogs a little bit later in the guide, but the main thing to know now is that there are some limitations, but a free blog is certainly a good option for some.

Technically, a “paid” blog is also free. The blog software itself is open source, and doesn’t cost anything. What you are paying for is a domain name and web hosting. So the real question would be, “How much do domain names and Hosting cost?”.

The answer to that can really vary a lot, but the average cost is about $5 to $10 per month. Of course, there are much higher end plans that cost a lot more, but for the price I gave, you should be able to find good reliable service.

Why You Should Start a Blog

For Business

There are so many reasons why you should start a blog, but I’d say the most common reason would be for business. If you have a business, and don’t have a blog for it yet, you really need to get one up ASAP.

It is 2015, and I can guarantee that there are people searching for your business. If you don’t have a web presense, those searchers are either going to find information about you that you don’t control, or they won’t find anything at all. I’ve seen this problem way to often, where I’m just looking for a company’s address or phone number, but it’s nowhere to be found.

For Individuals

Having an online presence is extremely important for businesses, but it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to establish an online pretense as well.

Along with social media profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter, a blog is an excellent way to establish your “Personal Brand”. I like to think of personal sites as a kind of resume on steroids. It’s a place where you can highlight your skills, accomplishments, and job experience.

Having a personal important for young adults entering the job market, and also for established professionals looking to keep their options open. And just like like the business example above, I can just about guarantee that at some point, a potential employer will try to find information about you by searching the web. When they find a professional blog that showcases your assets, it all but guarantees you an interview.

For Income

Personally, this is the part about blogs that excites me the most. And it’s not that you need a blog to make money online. My first substantial online earnings weren’t from a blog. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn HTML (the markup language used to format web pages) early on, so I was able to build webpages the old fashioned way, so I was earning from my sites before I ever knew what a blog was.

I just think it’s so awesome that that no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you have just as much opportunity as anyone else to really make a great living online.

6 Steps to Start a Successful Blog

The steps covered in this tutorial are based on everything I have learned in my 15 plus years of web development experience and close to 10 years of blogging experience.

Unlike a lot of other tutorials that claim to teach you “How to start a blog”, these steps aren’t simply here to get you to sign up as quickly as possible for my “recommended” web-hosting service. They are ordered in a way that will help you avoid some of the common mistakes that beginning bloggers make and give you the best chances for success. Tutorials that attempt to get you to buy hosting as the first or second step, or only offer one “recommended” hosting option, probably don’t have your best interests in mind. Sorry for the rant, but most of the “blogging tutorials” you’ll find online are closer to paid ads than they are to tutorials. So watch out.

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